We Are Seeds Platinum Brooch Set

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3 Piece Platinum Brooch Set. A petunia, sunflower and honey bee come together to create a dazzling diamond brooch set. A marriage of two of our most recent whimsical collections; Menagerie and We Are Seeds. you can wear them as a set or separately for an individual style. 

Petunia Brooch:

Diamond J,SI1 1.34ct, Diamond 0.78ct, Platinum 18.41g

Sunflower Brooch:

Diamond 0.27ct, Platinum 8.24g

Honey Bee Brooch:

Diamond 1.02ct, Diamond Hex 0.3ct

We Are Seeds is inspired by the phrase, 'They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds,’ and it’s a celebration of the beauty that exists in this world, made in honor of the people in it that are fighting the good fight by planting seeds of kindness and love.

The Menagerie is a spectacular capsule of one-of-a-kind, limited edition and highly detailed animal jewels. Each divine creature — whether traveling by air, earth or sea — was specifically chosen by designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey for its unique characteristics. Emblazoned with the brand’s signature more-is-more pattern play and geometric inlay, each pendant, bracelet, brooch or ring in The Menagerie is handcrafted in 18k gold with a selection of specially chosen colored gemstones and diamonds.

Made to order, current production lead time is 8-10 weeks.